RapperMusic.Com Copyright Information



 This page give readers some information relating to the copyright of this website.

The text contained within this website remains the property of myself, the author. The graphics were created by myself and also remain the my own property. These include:

the audio cassette icon

.sample icon

That stated, the main reason for the existance of this section of the website is to clear up any issues regarding my use of audio samples that are copyrighted works of others.

I believe that the inclusion of the samples here falls under fair use for the following reasons:

This website is primarily a source of information for those wanting to learn about hip hop / rap  music.

The major part of the information contained within consists of my text. The audio samples only make up a small percentage of the information.

All the audio samples form only a fraction of the songs from which they originate.


More points to reinforce my use of these audio samples:

This website contains information about a genre of music. It is far easier to describe music if the audience has access to examples of the music.

The audio samples on this website serve as promotion for the artists. Think about it, I created this website to teach people about hip hop and to introduce them to the music.


In most cases, the copyright of the audio material belongs the the respective authors; the copyright of the audio performances belong to the respective artists/groups and finally; the copyright of the audio recording belongs to the respective record companies.